A Little Guidance

All changes do not have to be big. 

Let us start with little guidance to help shape a new life. 

Too many questions?

Want to follow a diet, have tricky allergies or just want to be healthy?


This Cookbook is for you!


It is catered to your wants and needs. You will receive 30 recipes & tips on how to combined them to be cost effective. 

Base Price: $40.00

Too many choices?

Not sure what to buy?


Let's Talk 

Will meet you at the grocery store of your choice for tour. Aisle by aisle, I will show you how to make better food choices, de-code food labels, introduce new ingredients, answer all your food and nutrition questions, and discuss meal planning. 

Base Price: $100.00


Have some questions?

Not sure if you are doing it right?

We will meet you at your house and we work to learn how to meal prep for 1 week or just how to cook proper meals.


approx. 3 hour session

Base Price: $ 200.00

Not sure if what you have is ok?

Am I supposed to eat that?


We meet at your house & together we go through your cabinets to "refresh" them.


Out with the bad and in with the good!

Base Price: $100.00

If you are ready to start your change,

fill out this form & We can get started! 

Be Healthy Buffalo

Buffalo, NY 

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