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Hi All!

So since we have not spoke in awhile, let me tell you what I have been doing. My oldest turned 4, my "middle" is about to turn 2 and I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. He is kicking my keister while I myself am trying to take the world by storm! This is why I have had a leave of absence from my Blog. Rest assure that I am working on getting back into it!

So here I am running like a crazy to get things assembled with my little ladies and with the almost new baby, while trying to be the super mom / woman I always have been taught to be.

That stuff seems like nothing right now because I am mostly excited that I can take a second for myself and do a little bragging!!!!! I finished my 3rd class making me a certified Weight Management Specialist! One more to go to complete my Masters in Nutrition that I keep talking about. I could not be prouder of myself!

I hope this inspires you all that no matter what your life situation is, push through it because the feeling of completing something that is staring you in the face is AWESOME!!!!!!!


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Buffalo, NY 

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