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Santa's Energy Booster

But honestly, how many cookies can Santa eat before he starts to get full? The grinch might have it right!

So instead of the cookie, here is a twist on a treat that is both Joyful and Triumphant, which I call "Santa's Eneegy Boosters"

Super simple:

Step 1: Buy These ingredients :

  • Old Fashion Rolled Oats

  • Dried FRuit (cranberries are a great one)

  • Trail Mix or unsalted nuts

  • Dark Chocolate of 60% or higher)

Step 2 : Melt the Chocolate :

  • Put water into a pan about a 1/2 inch so bowl will sit.

  • Use glass bowl (or it gets too hot or will melt the bowl) over medium low heat (setting 3ish usually works if you have a stove like me)

  • Patiently stir as is melts, you will see tiny bubbles in the water is a good way to judge a great temperature.

  • You should not have to add any butter, ect to the chocolate. It will melt on its own, just stir

  • If the chocolate does not turn smooth, but clumpy, then the chocolate is burnt. You cannot fix it...... toss and start over.

Step 3 : Pour and Add

  • Take the Choclate out of the water.

  • Add your rolled oats, I start with about a 2/3 a cup and add around 1 cup. I like more texture to it.

  • I put parchment paper down onto a baking tray, less clean up.

  • Now this step is up to you, either pour the chocolate / oat mix onto the paper and put the nuts / dried fruit on top or you can mix these right into the mix if you want and then pour.

Stay Happy & Healthy My Friends


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Buffalo, NY 

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