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Hello Folks! Guess what I got today :) .... Myyyyyyyyy Nutrition Programs ! In no time flat, you are going to have a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant on your hands. I know some people think that just because I will not have a "master's degree" in nutrition, I did not put the effort in or name some other reason to put people like me down. Shame on you people for judging without knowing me or people like me.

So, let us get something strait, OK. I will admit that I do applaud those who had their idea of getting a masters degree in nutrition and were / are able to go to school full time for it. Congratulations to you folks, seriously. I took a different path. I know we live in an age of the phrase "well my story is different so look at me" so I really do not want to take up your time with the details of "my story" and how I got here but I sooooooo want you all to like me at the same time :) How about I give you a brief synopsis of it and hopefully you can imagine a little bit of who I am?

I graduated from college with a bachelor's degree Sociology / Anthropology. What was I going to do with it you ask? To be honest, it was chosen because for 2 key reasons; my advisor told me I had 2 weeks to declare a major and me liking the Sociology 101 class I was taking that semester. But then I found my calling. Ha, no I did not. I had so many ideas at the time. But the one that stuck was that I wanted to join the peace core. I graduated with all intentions of fulfilling that dream, but my mother asked that stay home and help out with the family business. She was sick and wanted me close, which I was happy to do. I will never regret doing it either. I got to spend several more years with her that I would have passed up if I was over seas. I did not get that dream, but I chose a path that was just as good!

From there I became engulfed in the construction industry; learning several different areas of it. Mind you that my prior experience was working in our shop during summer breaks to make $ for books. Fast forward to now (i promised it would be short) I stayed local, bought a house, gained a dog, met my husband and I have become a mother of a crazy 2-1/2 year old girl and a 5 month old girl. Currently, I did take the summer off to be with my girls, but starting Tuesday .... I go back to work, continue my motherly duties, trying to get a small business off the ground and now have decided it would be a good idea to "go back to school".

My mother fought cancer for 13 years and never showed weakness. I know I can and will do this. Maybe not with ease, but it will be done! I am going to live out my dream and make my girls as proud of my as I was of my mother. So for all you pompous people out there that think I am taking the easy way out by not going back to school to get my master's degree..... BITE ME. I am going to kick ass at this and wait for your jealousy to push me farther!


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