I am Proud & Genuinely Happy - A Reflection Day

It has been a crazy month & for some reason, it took a split moment this morning to stop me dead in my tracks. Wanna know what it was? I was saying goodbye to my oldest daughter at school this morning. And I forgot something so I turned around & stopped. I stood (kind of creeper style, I now realized) and watched my daughter. I spent the morning yelling to get ready. Usually, I am listening to her scream at her younger sister for "instigating" her (see photo for a cute "I guess I like you" moment).

But today, I watched as she sat quietly and laughed with her friends at the table as she played with a puzzle. I watched her smile & her eyes light up while she laughed. I started to cry. You would think it would be mommy tears because my little baby is all grown up. Actually though, I was proud and so genuinely happy for her. She is becoming a person, a beautiful person who loves life.

Those few creepy seconds at made me spiral into what I would like to call my

Proud moments this month:


My oldest started Pre K.

For some thats not a big deal but for the mom's out there, you realize a whole lot about yourself and your kids during these mile stones. This picture is the cutest of her; just her..... with her odd, clingy mom trying to take a selfie with her. One day she will appreciate the weirdness that is me, right ?!?!?!


The Jimmy Fund Cancer Research Marathon Walk in Boston with my team #TeamWolverine.

Am I proud of myself & my team? Oh hell yeah! For me, it was a personal goal because that is something I have never done before. For my team, that is why I bring up this story. I watched a group of people support a beautiful cause. Our team leader Julie selflessly decided not to walk the race because she needed to be on call for our other team leader Travis. Travis unfortunately could not walk this year. Instead of throwing in the towel, he changed his goals and as a team, we were able to push him across the finish line. For 26.2 miles, we grouped together, as a team, and PUSHED each other to finish the race for something bigger than ourselves. I was proud and so genuinely happy for all people involved.


My youngest has had his 1/2 birthday.

I love to celebrate any little accomplishment so Happy 1/2 birthday buddy. Being alive for 6 months is a tough thing and you are rocking it! I am one proud mama!


This potty business ain't easy. Just grab a good book and take your time.

I cannot forget my middle lady who is giving me a run for my $. Her stubbornness is proving I have more patients than I ever thought I had. I am proud of you..... even when you decide to need to potty when everyone else is dressed and ready to head out the door.


I started working "In the Field"

I have started at health fairs, rehab groups and done a handful of presentations. It has been a great and humbling experience so far and I am so excited where things will lead me next.

So there you have it. My Sappiness in full Affect.

I can honestly say I am so Proud and genuinely happy.

Find Your

Proud & Genuinely Happy

Moments Today


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