Greek Dishes

I am sooooo excited for this country. It is one of my favorite types of food. Greek food here in america has been considered the "diner food". A lot of restaurants that serve greek food are known for their brunch menus to be killer. But if you have read about the greek culture at all ( see the last post), you will see that there is sooooo much more to Greece than a feta omelet. The food is fresh??? is that the work I want to use; like you can taste each ingredient!

One thing I make to this day, especially over there summer, You know it as greek salad. It is so easy but so perfect. In Greece, you would request Horiatiki (Hor - e - ot -ti - key)

Make Love it, take it with you everywhere!!!!

To go with it, the great dip known as Tzatziki (Ta-zee-key). Full of garlic and cucumber and great goodness.

If you want to attempt to make it yourself, this is the perfect recipe for you. However, there are a bunch of brands that carry it. Make sure if you are going to buy it though that is authentic and not "mixed with hummus / spinach / artichoke" or "Mediterranean style". When it is Mediterranean style, it will have a lot of dill in it. Not the same at all, trust me this is soooo much better. Eat this with the salad, a normal sandwich, pita chips or with a loaf of bread. Like no knives, just rip a chunk of bread off and dip away. MMMMM daydreaming. Ok sorry, I am back !

Ok for the main dishes, I have three different ones that I love to make. Usually, everyone goes for the Gyro (pronounced "Your - O" ..... not "Ji -Ro") or some people call it Souvlaki. If Greece / Greek food is all new to you, I have attached a recipe so you can get an idea of what the sandwich / Salad is. These are great dishes in either form, but I am going more traditional and healthier, as always! So we are clear though, All of these recipes deserve a beautiful fresh loaf of bread. Bread is considered the enemy, but just this one time, find a local baker with a skill to make a killer sourdough or ciabatta bread and thank me later...... I am just saying lol.

First we have our Shrimp Saganaki. Simple and flavorful. Shrimp, Tomatoes & cheese.

Second, Seafood is not your thing, that's cool, that's cool. Let us try the Gemistas or Greek Stuffed Tomatoes. A vegetarian lovers paradise

Third, the Spanikopita aka the Spinach Cheese pie. I CRAVE these because they are so good. I used to get one every morning at the local bakery. It was my thing, my love, my extra pounds. lol and I loved it. Please do yourself the favor and make this or find someone who makes it because man, you are missing out!

All amazing.... all of them.

Finally, Dessert. The most popular one involves ALOT of honey and richness called Baklava. It is also very beautiful but I have never made it so I cannot speak from experience in this field. Instead, I give you something that is just as great, Greek Rice Pudding. Do not knock it till you try it people!!!!!

Well damn, now I am hungry and googling airfare to Greece. Ahhhh dreaming. Well have fun experimenting this month and enjoy all the food.

Please take pictures and please share your story!

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