Dishes of Japan

Now again, I have never visited Japan or cooked Japanese food. I love going out to eat and grabbing myself a good bowl of Ramen ( not the college add hot water ramen friends. Put a little effort into your food). Or getting some amazing sushi! There is an amazing place in my home town that does sushi and a grilled squid. I could make that my last meal on death row if I had to choose one. But this is whole group is about challenging yourself to do things outside your comfort zone.

I found this website and it gives you 15 amazingly easy recipes of the Japanese persuasion. EASY Version Folks!

This one has a lot of different recipes on it for you to try. I am sorry that I am not going into too much detail on this one because I feel like I need to explore these flavors first before I can pick out my favorites!

I hope you all enjoy cooking and this group!!!!


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