Stay at Home - Chopped 2

What am I making this fine day, well I decided that I wanted to make sweet potatoes. I roasted them in the oven (see below for cooking instructions). I took the finish product and turned it into mashed sweet potatoes. After our meal, I had some sweet potato mash left that I made a sweet potato breakfast bowl with it. You might think it sounds weird, but it is quite delicious. Enjoy & share


1 sweet potato

3 tbs almond butter

2 tbs almond milk

Coconut flakes

1.5 Tbsp fresh lemon juice


Ground cinnamon


Oven at 400F. You can keep the potato whole and roast in the oven till you can squish it with your fingers (approx 90 minutes) or cut a sweet potato, drizzling it with olive oil, and cook for 35 minutes.

In the picture I left the potato whole, but you can also use a food processor or blender to combine all the ingredients for the sweet potato bowl and blend until smooth.

Top with blueberries, coconut and cinnamon.

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