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Giving a Speech

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List of Current Presentations Offered

What is their secret? Debunking Diet Myths.

Every day you hear someone talking about how they are "doing this" to help them shed the pounds. During this presentation, we will discuss some common myths on weight loss tales & the truth behind them. 

Some topics include:

"Organic vs non-organic", how often you eat & Protein shakes.

Stress Eating


We all have it .. Stress. 


But How much does it alter our life and how can food alone help and change it! 

Healthy Eating for a Hectic lifestyle


How do working families have time to make healthy meals and what is healthy anyways?


This presentation will give helpful tips on how to make healthy meals without killing yourself or your budget.

Reading food labels 


What am I supposed to look at when reading the labels at the grocery store?


This presentation will provide you with a better understanding  on the label meanings and what to look for. 

Workouts & Food. How, when & what to eat

We all do some form of a workout, but how many times do you still feel tired after a workout? Or how often do you catch yourself saying"well I worked out so i can eat what I want now".

Here we will discuss what the body needs when we work out and what we can do by paring food with our workouts

 Carb, fat or protein

What's the truth?

Everyone hears a different take on carbs, fats & proteins; whether they are good or bad or a combination of all three.


During this presentation, we will discuss what a fat, carb and protein are, how the body uses them and how we can use them to our advantage

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