Off the Wagon

Welp friends, its been almost a year since I started the school thing. I new am a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant and should have my class on Holistic Nutrition complete later this month. Let me tell you, this is not easy. My girls are going to bed a little later now that its nice outside as well as they are just getting older, so it is leaving me with a little less time to get it dooooneeeeeeee. So I am tired... ALOT. I have made some bad choices too and have not had the time to work out.

With all those excuses listed, it brings me to my next point. I had my first overwhelming weight issue this week. I went to the gym last week so proud of myself that i was almost at my goal weight and I was feeling strong. Fast forward to 7 days, I repeat only 7 days, later & I gained 5 lbs. 5? Is that possible? I could blame it on the fact that I was "in my days" as some call the monthly rage of being a woman. I could blame it on a broken scale. But once I calmed myself and requested that I stop swinging on saturn, I realized that this is the struggles we all go through. Not understanding how these simple but akward things occur; which is inevitably followed up with, How and Why me or I work so hard, why both anymore? I am positive that all those came out of my mouth while swinging on saturn.

I bring this story up because as someone who wants to be there for others that have these feelings, I now know what it needed to do and see. I needed to be accountable for my actions because in life no one is but yourself. I bet you 100% that the weight gain was probably because of all the beer and fried food I ate over the week. The salt content alone probably has be bloated like whoa.

Your body and mind are always going to be on a constant roller coaster, thats inevitable. But you as a human being need to be responsible for your actions. When people stop blaming other things for what is happening to them, then I think the world, your world, will be a better place and you will find happiness within.



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